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Using our Online Customer Support you are able to track your orders, exchange messages with our stuff and even make your decisions when it is necessary (f.e. confirming opening drive in clean room etc).

One more article is translated to English for the Basics section: “Brief description of the design of modern HDDs” by Leonid Taranovsky

We start our Basics section in English with FAQ by Leonid Taranovsky.

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Q-Lab: Client responses

Boris N. Strugatsky, writer

Q-Lab: Client responses, Boris N. Strugatsky

Thanks to the firm for timely and faithful help.

Alexander N. Zhitinsky, writer, publisher

Q-Lab: Client responses, Alexander N. Zhitinsky

Problem: A controller chip for the HDD Maxtor 60 GB is burnt out.

Response: Not for the first time I go to Softjoys, and always astonished of their fastness and professionalism. Thanks!

Alexander N. Zhitinsky, CEO, “Helicon Plus” Publisher

Photo: Alexander N. Zhitinsky in “Q-Lab” office.

maccolit (LiveJournal blog)
Myung Information Technologies Co.

Q-Lab: Client responses, Myung Information Technologies Co.

We, Myung Information Technologies, would like to express our heartfelt thanks to you, SoftJoys, for visiting our company and helping us our work.

We hope our relations will be in progress toward mutual success.

President M.J. Lee

North-West Telecom company, St.Petersburg branch

Q-Lab: Client responses, North-West Telecom company

Problem: Data on an HDD is lost.

Response: A very rare case: no complaints! Attitude, qualification are excellent!


S.Yu. Shabanov, chief specialist, North-West Telecom, St.Petersburg branch


Alexander B. Guzman, translator, editor

Q-Lab: Client responses, Alexander B. Guzman

Problem: An HDD is damaged.

Response: Everything is all right, not a byte lost. Thanks a lot!

Alexander B. Guzman, editor (Azbuka, Eksmo)

guest-informant (LiveJournal blog)
Leif Andersson, conservation biologist (Sweden)

Q-Lab: Книга отзывов, Лейф Андерссон, биолог, специалист по сохранению видового разнообразия Problem: The hard disk crashed due to use of vrong voltage.

Response: Fast and non-bureaucratic handling of the problem.

Leif Andersson, conservation biologist. Sweden.

Novogorodelectrosetremont company

Q-Lab: Client responses, Novogorodelectrosetremont company

Problem: Data array recovery from a server.

Response: Novogorodelectrosetremont company. We are thankful to your company for data recovery, especially to Michael Artemiev. Without paying attention to time, working from 8:00 AM till 10:00 PM, the specialist of the highest rank did the work and helped our company very much. The other company could not help us. I wish your company prosperity and success, and health to the staff members and well-being to their families.

Nikolay F. Petriakov, deputy director general, Novogorodelectrosetremont company

Maternity hospital #18.

Q-Lab: Client responses, Maternity hospital #18.

Problem: To obtain data from a disk (broken).

Response: I like very much your attitude toward your customers: kindness and hospitality. I also like that my problem has quickly been solved.

Thank you!

Irina Lapteve, Maternity hospital #18, Family delivery department

Vsevolod V. Kostrov, writer

Q-Lab: Client responses, Vsevolod V. Kostrov

A great thank from the author for saved books.

V. Kostrov.

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