Company's history

Q-Lab is a division of a well-known in St. Petersburg computer company SoftJoys. A new separate brand was established in 2006, and since then the Data Recover Center is operating under the new name.

A hardware repair and data recovery department in SoftJoys was organized in 1994. The specialists, who are currently working with modern hard drives with the recording density of 40–80 GB/platter, started 22 years ago learning this interesting technology by data recovery from storage devices of 10–20 MB with the ST506/412 interface and the stepper as the head carriage actuator. Since then, various data measured in many terabytes have been recovered from more then 19 000 drives. Now we have a great experience and expertise in the HDD technology that allow us to work both with the modern and vintage devices.

We were and are working close with the best experts in data recovery and HDD repair around all the world, that is why we are always at the edge of the modern technology taking part in developing techniques and equipment used to solve data recovery problems.