Q-lab: Data recovery center


Digital data recovery Unlike numerous companies declared the data recovery service as only a part of their business the data recovery is the primary business activity of Q-Lab. We do not repair storage devices! And we do not repair your software installations! We only recover the data and we do it better than anyone else! We can recover data from practically all types of data storage devices: HDD, CD/DVD, flash drives, memory cards. Of course if they have contained the data to recover…   Some words about our company »»»


Data recovery: 14 years of experience We are the oldest Russian data recovery company. We have more than 20 years of experience successfully recovering the tons of critical and megatons of non critical data from defective hard disk drives and memory storages of all types… We have gained the unique experience and knowledge and we are ready to serve your most critical cases involving data storages of any type and any time of manufacturing.
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Data recovery: first-class equipment Q-Lab — the only specialized data recovery company in Russia that has the big well equipped Clean Room. So we can safely open and work with interior of all hard drives. We use the first-class equipment and software, including the special hardware complex of our own invention to recover data from Flash. And we have the big collection of donor drives (several thousand pieces).
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